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2013 Book Awards

Semifinalist* July 2013

See Sci-Fi/Fantasy Category 



​Celestina Silvenfare is an elemental sorceress and the prophesied savior of her world, but not until her 14th birthday does she truly understand the danger she must face in order to fulfill her destiny and save the lives of those she loves.  Join her as she embarks on a journey to discover what it takes for one young girl to rise above her own dreams, desires, flaws, and personal tragedies, to restore balance to the land and save all the races of Merellier. 



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Celestina Silvenfare is a spirited, adventurous, magically gifted young woman who bears the responsibility of becoming either the prophesied savior or ultimate destroyer of her world.  Much is being asked of her, but much power will be given to her provided she can be patient, listen to her mentors, and not rush her training. 

Meréllier is once again out of balance and being threatened by an unknown evil. There is growing mistrust among humans and the older races, further endangering the delicate balance between masculine and feminine energy. A prophecy, handed down by The Pantheants one thousand years prior, offers the people hope in the form of a savior. Celestina Silvenfare is the prophesied savior, and mere seconds after her birth she faces the first of many adversities designed to thwart the prophecy and bring about the subversion of the entire realm. She will face many enemies, including a corrupt High Priest in cahoots with a ninth-level-of- the-underworld demon, other denizens of the underworld, a terrifying tarasque, and her own twin brother, trained since birth to be her nemesis.

Fortunately, Celestina is a gifted elemental sorceress and has many very powerful allies, chief among them her four great aunts, who are each powerful elemental sorceresses in their own right. She is also protected by the clandestine Cadusian Council, including a giant, a dwarf king, a powerful wizard, and a race of warriors known as the Elfaemyn. Her best friend, Hru, can morph into an imposing 12-foot giant from his human dwarf form, and her nearly two-hundred pound faerie hound, Nyx, can transform into any other animal at will, making them a formidable trio. Will Celestina be able to face her destiny and fulfill the prophecy to restore balance and bring peace to the land, or will the evil that seeks to take over the realm succeed in thwarting the prophecy, leaving the land and all the races at the mercy of a mighty demon?

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